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Mark Herod - Founder ClicklyFix

Mark Herod
Owner + Founder of ClicklyFix

ClicklyFix was founded by Mark Herod, an information technology professional with over twenty-five years’ experience. He created ClicklyFix after observing that many individuals and small businesses were not getting the support and service they needed, since the large IT support and managed services firms couldn’t affordably meet their needs.

At ClicklyFix, we truly care about every customer.


We’d love to hear from you. Please contact us anytime with any questions or if you would like additional information about our services. 

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Have a computer problem that you can’t solve? We are here to help! With the click of a mouse, you can receive immediate help from one of our dedicated, trusted technical experts.

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We are looking for great talent to join our team. If you are a qualified IT Technician who is dependable, knowledgeable, and friendly with customers, send us your resume.